Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Transnational IT Operations Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Transnational IT Operations - Coursework Example In addition, with the emergence of information technology particularly the Internet and e-commerce, organizations have also slowly but surely engaged in intercontinental business as these technologies have presented them wonderful tools and opportunities. The reputation of globalization is straightforwardly linked with the reputation of information and communication technology for the reason that it facilitates organizations that at one time were not capable of launching and managing business operations internationally with the prospect of competing globally. It is an admitted fact that the transnational operations can offer the businesses a number of benefits at many different stages, as well as if supervised in the approved manner, the businesses can compensate the potential challenging features that exist in this process, providing these businesses with an optimized arrangement that can change the organization into a winning business working on an international stage. There are many advantages of transnational IT operations; some of the important advantages include access to the worldwide market, elasticity, diversity, and affordable business structures. At the same time as various challenges, for instance, service levels and quality of work have usually overwhelmed worldwide businesses. In this scenario, the development of latest tools and technologies and the knowledge derived from transnational IT operations are as well very much modernizing these aspects and areas and reducing the harmful impact usually held. In this scenario, variety in the human resources also allows the businesses to gain experience and search for latest tools required to launch their products and services internationally (Marulanda, 2010; Kniaziewicz, 2008). Additionally, this diversity does not simply present an opportunity to expand customer contact by

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