Friday, October 18, 2019

Ethical Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Ethical Assessment - Essay Example Hence, practically speaking the onus to retain ethical integrity in the health care is primarily confined to the ability of an executive to resort to ethical words and actions during the course of one’s duty (Kultgen, 1988, p. 7). Considering that the professional ethical standards contrived by the bodies like ACHE do continue to serve as the standards following which, a health care executive could chalk one’s course. It goes without saying that the Code of Ethics constituted by the ACHE does serve a viable standard as per which the executives could assess one’s ethical credentials (American College of Healthcare Executives, 2012). In my personal capacity I believe that this ACHE Code of Ethics furnishes to me a touch stone going by which I could assess my individual role as a professional, especially more so when my role is directly linked to my identity and capacity as a health care executive. I emphatically hold that the availability of ethical standards do ma ke way for the inculcation of the values like human dignity and human welfare at the health care facilities and do make the health care more equitable, efficient and accessible. The ACHE Code of Ethics do pragmatically enables me as an executive in being true to my commitments to the patients, my colleagues, the organization which I serve, the society and the larger statutory and state guidelines and rules that govern the healthcare in the United States of America. The ethical assessment undertaken by me not only extended to me ample encouragement regarding the ethical spheres regarding which I was upright, but also furnished to me much insights regarding the aspects where I was unaware or perhaps deficient. While being involved with this assessment I do realized that I make it a point to conduct myself professionally while being in consonance with the values like fairness, integrity and honesty (Montefiore & Vines, 1999). I make it a point to assure that all my decisions and action s do tend to be in consonance with the statutory and legal guidelines and norms (Montefiore & Vines, 1999). I do have in place a personal program aimed at a realistic self assessment and a continual up gradation of my proficiency and skills. Besides, I never tend to be biased and unrealistic in my expectations from others. To continue my professional education I am right now pursuing a Masters program for mha/msn. I never tend to exploit my professional relations or position to accrue unwarranted advantages or favors. Yes, I do believe that it is imperative for an executive to divulge one’s financial or other conflicts of interest (Montefiore & Vines, 1999). Though, actually speaking, I had never been in the need to comply by this code, I do believe in its validity and relevance. I make it a point to never to misuse the confidence placed in me by others in a professional capacity. Yes, I do sometimes get a bit misplaced in the context of this ethical code. In a futuristic con text, I do believe that it is worthwhile to ask for the advice of someone who is not involved in the situation I face to get a better perspective. It is always my intention to carry myself in a way that bolsters and enhances the dignity and image of my profession. I also realized that I am quite aware of my responsibilities towards the patients. It is always my intention to continually access and gauge the quality and standards of health care services being accorded to the patients

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