Sunday, October 6, 2019

One size doesn't fit all situational approaches to leadership slp Coursework

One size doesn't fit all situational approaches to leadership slp - Coursework Example My supervisor had the expertise to use the supporting or participatory leadership approach. This was her style when handling employees who were/are in situations akin to mine. I could certainly undertake the task assigned to me, but something was holding me back from competently doing the contracted job I had. Instead of ostracizing my attitude, I was received with a friendly attitude, which I soon after came to fathom was her way of concerning herself with investigating the root of the halfhearted effort I was involuntarily putting up. It was a typical case of the M3 maturity level coupled with bouts of the D3 development levels. In complete words, I was capable of undertaking the task at hand with high competence, but was jittery about actually doing it, consequently rendering me variably committed to completing any other task handed to me. Thus by focusing less on the tasks awarded to me, she focused on the work place relationship I was going to build with her. It ensured I progre ssed from the unwilling to perform tasks and having a low commitment to being confident and proficient in any future undertakings that I received. As I progressed from a D3 category of development level to a D4 level, so did my confidence and willingness to handle any and all appropriate workload strewn my way. Not only did I not complain due to the increasing workload, I found it encouraging that the important drudgery was strutting my way. My supervisor became less frequently seen on-site. I figured it was due to the gradually snowballing workload. I was however, graced by impromptu worksite calls from her twice a week with talks about work and the occasional concern about self and the family. The third week of the same routine twice a week made me aware that it must have been a strategy of keeping an eye on me and the work I was undertaking, to ensure that everything was running effortlessly and on all cylinders. I was not really perturbed

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