Monday, October 7, 2019

Safety management assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Safety management - Assignment Example In this case, ladder inspection checklist must be done; ladder is the safety tool used. Things that must be checked and counter checked include: the surface, level, structure, ground, working area, scaffolding, edges, hand grip, movement of equipment, manual handling, lighting, weather condition, footwear, and experience of the individual. The chance of likelihood of a falling and injury occurring must be considered. This method aids in determining which hazards must be dealt with first in the case of an injury. This is done by looking at the task ahead, the number of individuals, and the machinery to be used. Control measures must be implemented so as to increase safety and eliminate injury probability. The most effective method of controlling risk is by elimination, design substitution, redesign, and administration. The control measures must be carefully evaluated so as to avoid any potential harm (Roughton, James, and Crutchfield, 298). In every workplace, communication is an essential factor. Another essential factor is the credibility of staff as well as following of the OSHA and workplace guidelines. Safety functions management is essential in promoting the health and well being of individuals who work in risky environments. Under the first function of management, which is planning; a good manager must make valid plans. This means that the needs of the hazard workers must be considered, as well as the mission of the organization. Financial as well as the well being of the workers must be considered. This ensures that the needs of the department are met; funds are available, and time set aside to implement a specific plan all for the upholding of the organization goals. Under planning, safety rules and measures must be written down so as to enable better and safe working environment. Better management of safety comprises of organization function. The company must have a hierarchy of organization, where the CEO is active,

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