Saturday, October 19, 2019

Change management, leadership and motivation of Nokia Assignment

Change management, leadership and motivation of Nokia - Assignment Example Nokia has an extended history of flourishing change and innovation which helped the company to adapt the shifts in markets and technologies. From its modest beginning with one paper mill, the company has taken part in many sectors over time; paper products, tires, plastics, rubber boots, consumer and industrial electronics, chemicals, cables, telecommunications infrastructure and more. (Nokia, 2015a). The journey of Nokia began in 1865 when Fredrik Idestam started a paper mill in Southwestern Finland which was followed by another mill on the banks of river Nokianvirta which inspired him to name his company ‘Nokia AB’. Nokia’s first step into telecom industry took place in the year 1967 when it was merged with a Finnish telecom company named Finnish Cable Works Ltd. The first telecom joint venture of Nokia with Finnish TV maker Salora was the establishment of Mobira Oy, a radio telecom firm (Nokia, 2015a). Nokia created a revolution in the telecom industry with sev eral achievements such as, evolution of the first cellular telecom network named Nordic mobile telephone service; introduction of Mobira Cityman and Mobira Senator; development of the Global System for Mobile (GSM) which is used in maximum number of commercial forms of communication. After tasting success in the telecom industry, Nokia solely concentrated on manufacturing superior phones. The entire nation was thankful to Nokia and the value of the company increased 500% with a global turnover from $8.9 billion to $42.8 billion (Nokia, 2015a).

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