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The Largest Brands Of Cadbury Chocolate Brands Marketing Essay

The Largest Brands Of Cadbury Chocolate Brands Marketing EssayThe Cadbury harvest-feast range addresses the requires of each and every consumer, from childhood to maturity, from impulse purchase to family treats. For example an analysis of the gift sector highlights the importance of developing innovative products to address specific markets. Cadbury designs products to coincide with Christmas, Easter,Valentines, Mothers and Fathers Day and other calendar landmarks.Cadbury office marketing strategies such as the Choose Cadbury system to encourage a link between chocolate and these events ensuring there is a Cadbury chocolate product suitable and available for every occasion.Ex.celebrations3.With the launch of Cadbury Land in July 2000, in a separate grammatical construction to the rear of the site, and the complete replacement of the play study with a state-of-the-art themed play area, Cadbury World had achieved a shift in appeal to encompass the entire age range from 0-90 an d beyond.Feedback from visitors in 2001 indicated that the attraction hadshifted from a very adult profile, to a strong child profile. The improvements made to the attraction since 2001 have been of more adult interest in order to re-address this balance, whilst more recent additions and improvements have attempted to be cross-generational.4.Consumer TrendsGood business and good values go hand-in-hand at Cadbury. They approach consumertrends with a commitment to put actions onward words and to respect and protect the long history of trust they have with their consumers.5.Listening to consumersListening to customers and consumers is fundamental to the business success its something they do every day and it helps to ecstasy products that are safe, delicious and enjoyable.They talk to their customers the people who sell their products to the people who consume them to better understand consumer trends. Cadbury also deal directly with consumers and have substantial resources at th e business unit level to listen and respond to consumer queries and complaints.6.Responding to consumer needsThe issues of food and balanced diets are now high on the consumer agenda, along with product role and safety.Cadbury use their intuition and consumer insights to understand consumer needs and issues and they demonstrate their responsibility by taking appropriate action to ensure they create tomorrows business today.They will extend to give consumers the great tasting products they love in a variety of different formats, recipes and sizes.Research plays a large role in their innovation agenda, exploring opportunities for untried products, product enhancement and packaging and are always checking that their recipes and ingredients are right for todays consumer.7.Purple Goes GreenThe Cadbury Purple Goes Green initiative launched in July 2007 sets a vision for their federation to tackle climate change. They intend to shrink their global environmental footprint by cutting the ir energy use, reducing excess packaging and managing water use.They are setting new targets which build on the commitments they have already made in their CSR report. Cadburys environmental programme has been in place for around 15 historic period and corporate responsibility has always been at the heart of their business.Promotion mixA Radio Promotion with stations such as 98FM and BeatFM where the prizes consisted of hampers with all you need for a night-inSnaps DVDs, slippers and gift membership of during prime time shows on TV.Product Placement Samples were sent to Faircity for display in the shop or mayhap for evening scenes in homes. Samples were also given over to major interior design trade shows for placement ontables in living room displays.Point Of Sale (POS) Naturally, given that the product is sold in retail outlets, in-store marketing concord was also developed. This consisted mainly of attractive floor units, shelf headers and glorifi ers to give standout in-store.Decorations Christmas tree decorations given to support the creative image of Cadburys.Core purpose behind PROMOTION1.2.BUILDING PRODUCT AWARENESS To showcase a newer product or an expanded product line.3.CREATING worry Sales processions are wonderful when it comes to generating interest.Cadbury creates the interest to buy chocolates during festival seasons like CHRISTMAS,EASTER,DIWALI etc.4.INCREASE DEMAND Besides building product awareness, the best way to use promotions is to get customers to buy your product .Special packs offered by Cadbury on special occasions increase their demand.Pull or push strategy and whyCadbury promotes its products mainly development pull strategies creating demand during special occasiones or festival seasones.Consumers always ask their retailers for the product, the retailers will ask the wholesalers, and the wholesalers will ask the producers. Using a pull strategy alone would not reach all the desired consumers.So p ush strategies to push the product down the distribution channelsthis involves persuading retailers to sell the product is also utilise by Cadbury.Critical appraisalThe success of the Cadbury brand can be seen in how its image is continually maintained over time. Identifying brand values, and matching these to consumer lifestyles in specific market segments can help develop a clear advertising message. In previous advertising messages quality and taste were emphasized. Cadbury is now building on this through its Choose Cadbury strategy to underline the feeling a premium brand can bring to its customers.The Cadbury brand has proven itself to be a leader in a highly volatile and competitive market with players like Nestle and Hersheys because it has successfully established, nurtured and developed its umbrella brand and growing portfolio of products.So the promotion policy of Cadbury is working in a positive way for them.

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