Monday, June 24, 2019

Alfred A. Strauss 1897-1957 Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Alfred A. Strauss 1897-1957 - Personal Statement ExampleStrauss received his medical degree from University of Heidelberg in the year 1922, and he later served as a research associate at the Heidelberg Psychiatric Clinic (Duchan). Apart from his research work at the clinic, Strauss also served in the Outpatient Patient department at the University of Heidelberg Psychiatric Clinic, in the electrical condenser of Director of Outpatient department. Strauss left Germany in 1933 and he was hosted by the University of Barcelona, as a visiting professor, and it is during this menstruum that he championed and supported the establishment of the first municipal child guidance clinic Strauss also helped Barcelona to acquire its first private guidance clinic.In the year 1937, Strauss went to the moolah county school located at Northville, and here, Strauss became a research Psychiatrist until later in the year 1943 (Duchan). This enlighten also had an established childcare center, where Stra uss served in the capacity of its director in the year 1946. Strauss was also a former president and co-founder of the Cove Schools of Wisconsin and Illinois- these schools were based in the residential areas for children who had experienced minimal brain injuries. Strauss co-founded the Racine Wisconsin Clove School in 1949 and he became its president until at the time of his death later in the year

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