Monday, June 10, 2019

Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 5

Education - Essay ExampleAs the report declares educational status in the United States is much onwards of the developing countries. Though funds for education are quite high, proper utilization of these funds is very essential. The educational systems in United States must centering on for certain issues such as character development, moral formation, discipline, safety, protection from drugs and early sex in the schools etc. These issues are as important as the subject knowledge. Therefore it is essential that the instructors and the parents together need to look into these aspects more seriously. This paper stresses that the aim of teaching is to make student culture possible. The role of a facilitator, or instructor, in Education is to understand the need and interest of the students and provide them the ideal conditions for learning. The task of the instructor in education is the creation of a learning environment in which students are encouraged to think carefully and critic ally and express their thoughts, and in which they wish to confront and resolve difficulties, it involves constantly monitoring and reflecting on the processes of teaching and student understanding and seeking to improve them. The first and foremost reason people want to become a facilitator or instructor is that it is a one of the most creative profession that provide a unique, definite, and essential social service. Teachers play a most important role in formulating the succeeding(a) of our civilization by providing the best education. This profession gives a sense of satisfaction.

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