Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Asian Americans have faced from 1965 to today Essay

Asian Americans have faced from 1965 to today - Essay ExampleThey also believe that the plausive action has affected them in a negative way in regard to admissions to the best universities. For instance, in 1978, the United States Supreme Court gave a notion that stated that the universities could consider the students race during admissions. Majority of the universities adopted this diversity policy in order to attain a student embody that was more diverse. However, this diversity policy led to the admission of fewer Asian Americans into universities (Lee 33).Participation in politics is also another issue or problem faced by the Asian Americans. They have attempted to participate in politics in many ways and one of them is through donating money. However, the donations have been viewed as means through which the Asians are attempting to influence Americans politics to their benefits. For instance, in 1996, the Democratic Party was looking for funds for the reelection of Preside nt Clinton. Much later the Democrats were blamed for illegally accepting money from the foreigners these foreigners as identified by the Congressional Republicans and the media were Asians. From this scenario, it is evident that the Asian Americans affected by racial profiling and prejudice regardless of their policy-making affiliations. Their attempts to succeed both in the political and civic leadership are met with strong allegations that they have evil plans to dominate the world (Le 1).Another issue veneer the Asians Americans is the great disparity in terms of socioeconomic status, occupation, and education among the subgroups. Some of the Asian subgroups like the Cambodians and the Laotians do not possess a high school diploma. Previously, education has been linked to high-income levels and professional skills but it is also linked to access to health care services. Majority of the Asian Americans are either poor or working for minimum wage and they have no access to

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