Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Proceses in Organinzations (Project Managers) Essay

Proceses in Organinzations (Project Managers) - Essay ExamplePlanning, organizing, and controlling are the three main responsibilities of some(prenominal) project manager. A project manager needs many skills to execute these responsibilities.Project planning involves the task of defining the project objective and bristleing a plan to accomplish the objective. The project manager works with the project sponsor to define the specific objective of the project. The project manager moldiness also develop a plan to accomplish the objective. He involves the project team members in this phase. Past experience and sound judgment is the basis for the planning process.Project organizing involves identifying and procuring the needed resources for the project, determining the tasks that must be completed, assigning the tasks, delegating authority, and motivating the team members to work together on the project. Resources include personnel, capital, and material.Project controlling involves the task of introduce project progress and comparing it with the planned progress. Progress reports are used to measure the performance and to identify the areas for improvement. The project manager must be dependent of solving the problems and getting the project back on track. The project manager must observe how the project is progressing from a higher perspective. He should know when to hold action.The project manager must be equally adept at handling a team conflict, steering committee meeting, and coaching session with an end-user. effectual listening is a large part of successful communication.Interpersonal - To develop a relationship with every team member and to motivate them. Patience and payload to the team are important factors to gain the teams trust. The project manager must exhibit integrity.Problem-Solving - To anticipate problems, identify them when they occur, and solve them quickly.Time Management - To prioritize, delegate, and manage measure effectively. Proje ct managers must adapt to ever-changing project conditions and manage the teams actions.Human resources - To interview and select team members with the proper skills and knowledge. Project managers must also bring in the ability to give feedback and help the team members learn, as it boosts their value.ConclusionThe project manager has the primary responsibilities of planning, organizing, and controlling a project. An effective project manager must also possess a specific set of skills in order to manage projects successfully.The project manager must possess skills in business literacy, expert competency, and organizational awareness to make technical, business and appropriate information system decisions. Project managers must have the ability to understand complex systems including organizational, social, and technological systems. technology is always changing and at a fast pace. Project managers must be ready to develop differing skill sets to keep up with this change. Most i mportantly, the

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