Monday, August 12, 2019

Risk management (casa study of British American Topacco Pls(BAT)) Essay

Risk management (casa study of British American Topacco Pls(BAT)) - Essay Example In the year 2009, the subsidiaries of the company enabled global governments to earn over  £26 billion in a financial year from taxes together with excise duty on their product. The subsidiary companies of BAT operate in 41 countries producing through 50 cigarette factories around 724 billion amounts of cigarettes. The company employs around 60,000 people globally. The organisational decisions are made keeping in view certain policies, strategies, standards, and delegated authorities. The benefit of local stakeholders to a business is the pivotal point in any organisational decision. The management of BAT is also conscious about their operating responsibilities as they produce products which pose risk related to the health aspects. The company works coherently with thousands of global tobacco farmers. These attributes have made the company a leading global giant in the tobacco industry. In this report, the inherent risks associated with any organisation will be analysed. Stakeholde rs’ benefit is a significant part of any business. They are generally concerned about their losses and gains from any business before investing in it. Therefore, the manager of any business has to try and mitigate any risks related to any business for shareholders to keep faith in the organisational business policies and initiatives and thus enabling them to consider making further investments into the business. The corporate governance process also is an integral part of any business organisation, as they have to carry out their financial activities as well as their organisational activities keeping in view the regulations of corporate governance (British American Tobacco, n.d.). Risk is an integral part of any business venture. Therefore, there is a need to properly manage risk in order to maximise the benefits from a business and reduce the damage which may be caused due to the risk associated with it. Risk management is a very

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