Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Creating Academic and Professional Success Essay - 3

Creating Academic and Professional Success - Essay Example This determination has made strong in life and helped me in taking decisions which I have not regretted. Choosing the path of success in my professional life has become an aim for me because of this very strong determination and I think if I utilize it in the correct manner I’ll be able to achieve what I aim to. But as said by Christopher Moore "Nobodys perfect. Well, there was this one guy, but we killed him....". It clearly depicts that I personally have my own weaknesses in achieving my goals. All over these years I have realized that learning something is not easy for me. It takes time for me to learn things which others learn in a while. But this weakness can easily be overcome if I give all of my attention to my goals. This attention helps me to not only learn and understand things but also to excel in these things. The main problems which I face with my life are regarding the division of time. Because I have my own wife to take care of it is quite difficult for me to divide my time when it comes to my work and household. But here again I have realized every problem has a solution to it and thus I have several opportunities to cope up. I can make my wife understand my problems and divide my time accordingly. It would help me to give more attention to my goals and aims which would then be easily

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