Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Human Rights Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Human Rights - Essay Example oper education to empower young males in various social aspects of life, and marginalization of the young population in decision making process in the society. There are various key concepts and theories that form the foundation of human rights, which are all implicated in this issue. This includes theories of human rights based on dignity, wellbeing, or development. They are motivated by the desire to protect and cultivate some quality in life that is filled with dignity, wellbeing, or continuing development. The theory of subsistence is motivated by the desire to preserve life itself (Heard, 1997) There are a high number of young males ending up in prisons out of convictions of violence related cases. Consequently, this translates to a high number of those coming out of the prison systems after serving their jail terms. The concept of human dignity in human rights as suggested by Heard (1997) is paramount. One of the aspects of inherent human dignity is that all human being are equal. However, this is a challenge for the high number of those returning to the society having served part or even most of their lifetime in prison. This is because most of them find themselves alienated and shunned by the rest of the society and find it hard to be integrated back in the society. The fact that most inmates find themselves spending most of their time in the jail also means that they may not have the necessary skills to cater for their well-being because when they come back into the society, they face a great challenge to have normal life. This contrasts the concept of the need for subsistence that bases human rights on the need for existence. The way forward to solving this problem is by creating programs that empower inmates for the life after serving their terms behind bars. Mentorship is also vital to ensure the smooth transition between the two stages and to integrate them to normal life with their families and the society. The high number of drug and substance

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