Sunday, August 25, 2019

EMBA 560 Executive position week 3 journal 3 Essay

EMBA 560 Executive position week 3 journal 3 - Essay Example When my hopes have been pinned on the outcome of an event that does not turn out as I had expected, I turn to self-denial and refuse to give up my original position. I hope against hope that things will eventually turn out how I expected them to, only for those hopes to be dashed by the throw of the dice. When my expectations go unfulfilled, it takes some time – in fact, a lot of time – for me to overcome my disbelief and extreme disappointment. Sometimes I take it as a personal affront that luck did not turn may way; there are just some changes that are too difficult to accept. I also give myself a thumbs down, though to a lesser degree, to behaviours 1 (separating strategy from tactics) and 3 (feeling threatened by obstacles rather than challenged). (2) I deserve a thumbs sideways in my ability to â€Å"see patterns and make logical connections or resolve contradictions and anticipate their consequences.† There are times when these happen and I am able to respond in an appropriate and timely manner, in which case I give myself a nice on the back and say job well done. There are also times when I completely miss the boat, and depending on my personal emotional investment in the occurrence, I either: act in the manner I described in attribute (1) above in the important matters and for which I gave myself a thumbs down; or merely shrug my shoulders and say, better luck next time, if the issue was not that important. I give myself thumbs sideways to all the other behaviours not classified as thumbs-up or thumbs-down for me. (3) I can give myself a resounding thumbs-up for being able to â€Å"prioritize seemingly conflicting goals†¦to zero in on the critical few and put aside the trivial many when allocating time and resources.† I pride myself in quickly identifying what is important and devoting for the moment my full attention and abilities on the quick resolution of the most important task at hand. I figure out it is best to get those

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