Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Merger, Acquisition, and International Strategies Assignment

Merger, Acquisition, and International Strategies - Assignment Example Through strategic positioning of the products and services of Skype, Microsoft strategically noticed the level of usage of Skype, through the voice and video calling application in addition to other features. Strategically, the acquisition connected the business of Microsoft Corporation and blended well with other services and products of this corporation. This also facilitated the strategic evaluation of the priorities of its products, as well as the development of business strategies of the corporation (Gaughan, 2010). The fact that Skype was a computer to computer based telephone program, made it even more ideal for Microsoft Corporation. Once it was acquired, the corporation was able to provide voice services to its wide range of clients across the globe, and this placed the corporation strategically for providing a wide range of services. This was not only a strategic decision for marketing the products of the corporation, but also a wise move that has seen the corporation incre ase its market share (Frankel, 2007). The justification for the opinion is that Microsoft is able to generate revenue through Skype, both locally and internationally through the services of the acquisition. This is facilitated by the fact that the services are computer based, and thus cheaper than the rates of other companies (Ulijn, 2010). Identification of a probable candidate corporation that has not been involved in mergers or acquisitions, and explanations why this company would be a profitable target Although mergers and acquisitions are applied by corporations strategically to finance and effectively manage the dealings of the corporation, through effective combination of various companies as well as similar entities that have a common enterprise for effective and rapid growth, there are corporations that have purely ignored this corporate strategy. Most corporations purchase companies and business entities for the purpose of combining their enterprise strategies (Gaughan, 20 10). An evaluation of the business-level strategy and one corporate-level strategy of a corporation that operates internationally, which is recommended for improvement The practice has clearly demonstrated that corporations that operate at the international level are subjected to more barriers and risks, due to the dynamic changes associated with the various regions across the globe. For the purpose of effective management of these risks, there is need for such corporations to evaluate the business-level strategies for the purpose of realizing the true value of conducting business at the international level (Frankel, 2007). A business-level strategy is fundamental for increasing the business value of any corporation. It is a very critical point for the corporation to identify and apply and appropriate business-level strategy. The practice of mergers and acquisitions has been applied by most corporations for the purpose of realizing the business-level strategies that are ideal for th eir cases. It is a very common trend which has seen most international corporations change their image in order for them to meet the demands and values of the consumer base. Apple has ideally identified such features through its technologically marketing strategies. The corporation has adopted modern quality appeals to

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