Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Business - Essay Example From the very beginning of transport industry development, there was a need to regulate this sphere of human activity. There is a necessity to develop new regulations in transport industry covering peculiarities of a modern society’s development. Therefore, the government is responsible for regulations in transport industry, because it is an integral part of any society. Public interests are protected under conditions of governmental regulations of transport industry. In case development of transport industry is protected by economical regulations and governmental protection, then public interest is in safety. Modern transport regulations are developed with regard to economical factors. Unfortunately, there is a lack of considerations about social and environmental factors. Consequently, it is necessary to consider properly about environmentally health vehicles development and exploitation. There is a direct connection between transport environmental safety and human health. M odern manufacturers often neglect this fact and their main goal is to gain profits hand over fist. This point should be corrected and regulated in favor of humans and public interest. A modern look on regulation in transport industry Regulation is developed in order to â€Å"balance concerns for the public interest within a competitive framework driven by private enterprise† (Coyle, 20011). ... is put on a truck at some point. As a result, the trucking industry hauled 68.9% of all the tons of freight transported in the United States in 2003, equating to 9.1 billion tons† (The trucking industry). If to suppose that all regulations are based on a common law principle: â€Å"Businesses affected with the public interest† (Coyle, 2011), then a central focus on societal and individual needs should prevail. Thus, a modern paradigm of transport industry regulations is anthropocentric and focused on public interest. In spite of the fact that there are numerous regulations in transport industry, such as Aviation and Transportation Security Act (2001), Creates Transportation Security Agency (TSA), Maritime Transportation Security Act (2002), Homeland Security Act of 2002 etc, there is a need to focus on deregulation acts. There is such kind of deregulation acts, as 4R Act (1976), Airline Deregulation Act (1977), Motor Carrier Act and Staggers Rail Act (1980) and others. T hus, economic regulations are violated in trucking industry. Surface Transportation Board (STB) is responsible for all surface mode regulation. Nevertheless, railroads are deregulated as well as air carrier industry, water carriers and pipelines. In order to protect public interests, there is a need to introduce anti-trust laws. In the transportation industry there is especially important social factor. Transportation industry is significant for social unity and economic and national defense of the country is on behalf of this industry. Transportation industry requires essential capital investments and different resources allocation (Martland, 1997). STB regulation of modes considers the following issue: to protect advantage of each mode. The development of

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