Tuesday, May 28, 2019

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It was one of the greatest battles in Greek history, the battle of Achilles with Hector (Homer. Iliad. 22) and Cycnus (Ovid. Metamorphoses. 14) these two contrary versions of the trojan horse War had both similarities and differences. As we spate take note from these two books, there are similarities of acknowledgment in Homers version of Achilles and Ovids version Achilles. Furthermore, the similarity of both Trojan heroes having the same rival in both versions of The Trojan War. On the other hand, the difference among these two battles of Achilles is the character and how both Trojan heroes performed during the battle with Achilles. In addition, the main undercoat initiates battle of Achilles is different when he fights with Hector and Cycnus additionally, how Achilles treats their corpse after he kills them, were not the same in both battles. Furthermore, the setting and timing of the battle between Achilles and the two Trojan heroes are distinct from one to another.Accordi ng to Homer, Hector was the greatest and most famous mortal heroes in the history of troy, who has protected Troy from many wars and have been treated as the guardian of his father, Priam kingdom. On the other hand, in Ovid version of The Trojan War, there are two great Trojan warriors, Hector and Cycnus, son of Poseidon, the latter is invulnerable warrior and have killed 1000 Greeks troop at the Trojan beach easily when the Greeks first landed on the beach. The character of Achilles, son of Peleus, in both battles has many similarities which are the violent, arrogant and uncontrollable like a beast. Achilles trusted his skill to fight and shows his arrogant character can be found in Iliad,Achilles shook his head at his soldiersHe would not allow anyone to shoot A... ... year of the war. In general, the battle of Achilles with Hector and Cycnus had some similarities and differences. Both of the Trojan heroes are loyal to their country and both are Troy greatest warriors. Other tha n that, both versions of Achilles poses the arrogant and beast characteristic. However, the characters and attitudes of Hector and Cycnus in the battle with Achilles are only different, where Hector fears and hesitate to battle with Achilles while Cycnus confidently faces the battle with Achilles. In addition, the main reason of battles is different which lead to different treatment of Achilles to their corpse, where Hector corpse was badly treated by Achilles rage for the revenge of Patroclus death. Last but not least, the setting of both battles Trojan heroes is completely different, even-thought they were fighting with the same enemy, Achilles.

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